Recovery Flasher v1.65

Hellcat is back on the homebrew scene to release a new version of Recovery Flasher, a nifty app that allows you to restore semi-brick PSP's, upgrade and downgrade your CFW's, make and restore dumps, among other things.


  • fixed compatibility with 6.20-TN HEN
  • added check for 6.20-TN and the 6.35 HEN
  • added check for 6.20-TN HEN's flash0 protection being enabled
  • added check for configured game mode plugins when on 6.20-TN and the 6.35 HEN
  • added detection of the PSP4000 model and the PSPgo
  • added appropriate handling of all of the above, when detected, to avoid unnecessary tears casted by users
  • added support to handle 6.00, 6.10 and 6.20 FWs for restore of (filewise) flash backup and clean install from scratch
  • added decryption of extracted (hidden) updater driver modules - and so enabling downgrade from 6.35+ (only on hackable PSPs though, for now)
  • added new firmware packs to install clean 6.20 OFW using Recovery Flasher
  • bundled the existing 5.50-GEN firmware packs with the main release

First off, a small "what's NOT (yet?) supported": ANY kind of flashing on "newer 2000s", PSP 3000 or the PSPgo
If support for those models will ever, in any way be added to Recovery Flasher is doubtful (mostly as there's no CFWs for those).

MAYBE (and I can't stress the *MAYBE* enough, it's more likely a "likely not") support to flash OFW on (some of) those models might be added one day for the sake of downgrading the OFW.

  • Copy the RECOVERY folder from the archive to /PSP/GAME/ on your memstick, so that you get a /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/ folder containing the apps EBOOT on your stick.
  • Now copy the official Sony 3.71, 4.01 and/or 5.00 Update EBOOT, renamed as 371.PBP (401.PBP, 500.PBP), into the RECOVERY folder as well, or into the memsticks root folder.
  • The Recovery Flasher will first look for the updater .PBPs in it's own folder, if it doesn't find them there, it'll look at the memsticks root folder and use the files from there if they exist.
That eay you can use already existing .PBPs you have (for DDC or whatever) for the Recovery Flasher as well.

The Recovery Flasher MUST be installed in /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY!
Do not rename it's folder or it will fail loading!
If you have other apps you like to use from the recovery menu, you can do so with Recovery Flasher's option "Launch another app"